Basketball Wall Street: High Energy Exposure Event


The High Energy Top 100 Elite Exposure Camp is all set for Saturday, August 10th. Due to the extensive construction being done on the Monsignor Scanlan High School campus, the event location has been changed to ensure the safety and well being of all the student-athletes, parents and everyone involved.

When: Saturday August 10th
Where: Bronx Regional High School
1010 Rev James Polite Ave | Bronx NY 10459

Session I
2024 | 2023 | 2022
9:30-Intro | Picture Taking
9:45-Skills Training
10:30-Games | Evaluation

Session II
2020 | 2021
12:15-Intro | Picture Taking
12:30-Skills | Training
1:15-Games | Evaluation

The Basketball Wall Street USA brand has made a significant mark in the women’s grassroots basketball community for some time, contributing to The New York Daily News, Ivy League Sports Journal,, and many other professional publications and media outlets. In this time, SayYesToSuccess and has been recognized by several distinguished professionals like: Soledad O’Brien, from CNN; Kimberly Locke, from American Idol; TV anchor, Robin Roberts; Reporter, Actress, Niesha Butler; and film & TV actress, Tamara Taylor (pictured below in NYC)

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As we move forward to diligently cultivate women’s grassroots basketball, the High Energy Exposure Camp Event was designed to provide a platform to gain valuable skill training, competition, and exposure from one of the most viewed women’s basketball platforms in the country. In September of 2019, the High Energy Exposure Camp will return to New York City with 34 prospects already committed. The prospects listed below will attend the High Energy Exposure Camp Event. Several additional prospects will be added before Saturday’s event:


Adia Burrows 5-11(CT)
Isabelle Zukowski 6-0 (NY)
Janelle Johnson 5-9 (CT)
Bryana Johnson 5-6 (CT)
Alana Jones 5-8 (NY)
Sierra Jones 5-6 (NY)
Mycala Carney 5-6 (NJ)
Samiyah Brown 5-8 (NY)


Alexandra Tarul 5-10 (NY)
Zaakyaa Young 5-8 (NY)
Cynthia Williams 6-2 (NJ)
Jessica Lee 5-9 (NJ)
Madison Quattlander 5-6 (NY)
Julissa Encarnacion 5-5 (NJ)
Leslie Marios 5-7 (VA)
Jana’a Brown 5-11 (NY)
Caitlin O’Boyle 6-0 (NY)
Anna Eng 5-6 (NY)
Ania Martinez 5-6 (NJ)


Faith Pappas 5-11 (NJ)
Julianna Laguna 5-9 (NY)
Sydni Scott 5-8 (PA)
Zaiha Minnis 5-9 (MD)
J’Khya Jordan 5-5 (DC)
N’Jya Hopkins 5-3 (VA)
Carly Scott 5-3 (NY)
Christina Mattica 5-6 (NY)
Melanie Demeo 5-5 (NY)
Amyah Bray 5-6 (NJ)
Julie DeBrocky 5-7 (NY)
Julianna Almeida 5-7 (NJ)


Zaria Lewis 5-8 (NY)
Tyonna Bailey 5-10 (NJ)
Brianna Camaj 5-11 (NY)
Paige Manchester 6-0 (NY)
Jalea Abrams 5-8 (NY)
Jessica Cooper 5-11 (NJ)
Eva DeChent 5-10 (NY)
Gabby Recinto 5-9 (NJ)
Ciera Cevallos 5-6 (NJ)
Sarah Hughes 5-7 (NJ)
Tori Blumenauer 5-7 (NY)
Kristina Rush 5-7 (NY)
Isabella Asencio 5-2 (NJ)
Jaslin Walker 5-6 (NY)
Katie Ledden 5-10 (NJ)
Jonae Vernon 5-5 (NY)


Brianna Foody 5-6 (NY)
Hannah Hidalgo 5-5 (NJ)
Rylie Rosenberg 5-2 (NY)
Olivia Schmitt 5-3 (NY)
Ellie Cerf 5-2 (NY)
Gina Donnarummo 5-7 (CT)
Anissa Burrows 5-4 (CT)

2 thoughts on “Basketball Wall Street: High Energy Exposure Event

  1. Keep Doing What Your Doing Silverio ,
    Don’t give up your passion and drive for the development, of Up -Coming talent
    We appreciate you and what you stand for and believe in , the youth , my daughter and I look forward to your events , we love the write up , we love the encouraging words of wisdom of the game and the growth of each individual player , we need more people like you , other player Showcase/development events should take notes and follow your lead , Well Done ❤️

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